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Christie Pits
 823 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M6G1M1
(Wednesday-Sunday: 9 AM-5 PM or sellout
Monday and Tuesday: closed)
High Park 1556 Bloor St West Toronto Ontario M6P1A4
(Wednesday-Sunday: 9 AM-7 PM or sellout
Monday and Tuesday: closed)
Email: machinodonuts@gmail.com
Instagram: @machinodonuts
Facebook: machinodonuts facebook page 

Our story

We are MACHINO DONUTS (former MACHINO CAFE), we opened as an independent café or restaurant in Bloorcourt in 2017. After seeing our neighbors, we recognized we have a lot of offers for vegan donuts! We transformed the whole store into a specialized vegan or traditional donut shop in 2019!! We are serving up fresh vegan donuts, vegan fresh cold-pressed juices! all foods and beverage menus to take away. Our menu is also vegan & vegetarian friendly.
We are also a wholesaler of Vegan or Vegetarian Donuts to small businesses!

Our donuts

Handcrafted, Small batch processed Yeast Risen Donuts

Our yeast-risen dough is soft with a light chew. Our Donuts are fresh daily and hand-crafted in-house with love and care. They are made in small batches throughout the day to ensure that they are always fresh for customers to enjoy.
We only use the finest ingredients out and each donut is hand-designed with love and care, setting our donuts apart from the rest. Our menu features regular and vegan varieties.
Delicious Perfect Yeast Risen Donuts need a lot of time to make. This process starts from the day before to 9 am (open).  Workers are always focused on freshness, the best quality of donuts, and the best seasonal new flavours to surprise our customers every day.

Vegan Donuts

Our dough for all donuts is made from plant-based ingredients, and we use 100% vegetable oil to fry. We were surprised that we can easily substitute something plant-based ingredients for donuts. Of course, it is not only a substitute you can also enjoy delicious fluffy and light chew donuts at the store.

Unique Ingredients

Our donut is creating unique seasonal glazes and amazing combinations of ingredients you may have never seen on a donut before. Each of the signature and new flavours has a distinct and colorful personality of its own. We offer both vegan and traditional options. We invite you to become acquainted with each one! Stay tuned for exciting and delicious new treats!
We are also welcome to become acquainted with them all and always happy for suggestions and cravings!

Our service


WALK-IN PICK-UP: Available 10 AM – 3 PM or sellout(Christie Pits)
10 AM – 6 PM(High Park) on business days.
DELIVERY: Please use Doordash or Uber Eats to place your orders.
CURBSIDE PICK UP: Please use Doordash to place your orders.

If you are ordering 4 dozens & up, we suggest ordering ahead of time also up to 4 pm 7 business day contact us via email: machinodonuts@gmail.com


Vegan & Traditional Donuts, Coffees, and teas
We can offer a variety of donut options and flavours to fit any occasion. All made fresh on the day of your event!
Our pre-order minimum is 3 dozen! We do pre-orders of over three dozen  here
Our catering options include
• Full size or mini baby donuts
• Dipped donuts, Filled donuts, and Fritters

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