Our story

MACHINO DONUTS first opened as an independent cafe/restaurant (formally known as MACHINO CAFE) near Christie Pits, the Bloorcourt area in 2017. After successfully selling small quantities of vegan donuts at our cafe, with high demand we decided to change our entire store to specialize in gourmet vegan donuts in 2019. 

Our donuts

Handcrafted, Small batch processed Yeast Risen Donuts

Our yeast-risen dough is soft with a light chew. Our Donuts are made fresh daily and hand-crafted in-house with love and care. They are made in small batches throughout the day to ensure that they are always fresh for customers to enjoy.
We only use the finest ingredients out and each donut is hand-designed with care, setting our donuts apart from the rest, featuring many vegan varieties. 
Delicious Perfect Yeast Risen Donuts need a lot of time to make. This process starts from the day before to 9 am (open).  Workers are always focused on freshness, the best quality of donuts, and the best seasonal new flavours to surprise our customers every day.

Unique Ingredients

Our goal at Machino is to create unique seasonal glazes and amazing combinations of ingredients you may have never seen on a donut before. Each of the signature and new flavours has a distinct and colorful personality of its own. We offer a variety of vegan options. We invite you to become acquainted with each one! Stay tuned for exciting and delicious new treats!
We are also welcome to become acquainted with them all and always happy for suggestions and craving!

Allergy Alert

We are not nut free.
We love incorporating nuts for texture in our donuts and we cannot guarantee any cross-contamination in our small shop.
Our products may contain NUTS, WHEAT, SOY, SESAME SEEDS and
We have peanuts and any other nuts, soy, sesame seeds, or other allergens in the kitchen.
Please be aware there is a risk of cross-contamination and read the ingredients on the menu tags.
If the person has serious allergies, we recommend not eating them.
We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you very much.


If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to shoot us an email at
[email protected]
Do you carry gluten-free(GF) donuts?

Sorry, but we don’t have gluten-free options for now. 

Can I eat them tomorrow?

All our donuts are handmade fresh every day and have no preservatives or stabilizers, so we highly recommend eating them on the day purchased.

Can I choose the flavours when I pre-order them?(website or the third party apps)

Yes! Please leave a special note or instructions when you order online. If we have the flavours available we can put them in. 

Do you carry nut-free donuts?

We have all kinds of nuts or other allergens in the house even though there are no nuts in the ingredients, all our donuts MAY contain nuts. If you have serious allergies, we DO NOT recommend consuming them.

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