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The Best Vegan Desserts in Toronto
Looking for the best vegan desserts in Toronto? We’ve got you covered when it comes to vegan sweet treats in the city! 

Toronto’s Best Food and Drink Gifts for Father’s Day 2021
Express your love for dad in donut form with a personalized message spelled out in gooey, gooey, indulgent vegan donuts from Machino.

The Best Donuts in Toronto
The best donuts in Toronto are always freshly baked, whether light and fluffy or dense and cake-like; the best donuts are the ideal indulgence. 

The best Vegan Donuts in Toronto
Finding vegan options is getting easier in Toronto, especially when looking for the best vegan donuts.
Machino Donuts This popular doughnut shop in Toronto is known for its innovative and unique flavours like…

Where to order all things sweet on DoorDash
There is nothing more disheartening than when a late-night craving for something sweet strikes …

The Best Pumpkin Spice Treats in Toronto
If the first hint of fall flips your pumpkin spice switch into overdrive, Toronto’s best pumpkin spice treats are here to help quell the cravings.


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