Chocolate Peanut Brittle


Yeast risen deep-fried doughnut dipped in a chocolate ganache topped with crushed peanut brittles.

Contain: Wheat, Soy, Peanut

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A decadent and indulgent treat, the Chocolate Peanut Brittle donut combines the rich, velvety flavor of chocolate with the crunch and nutty taste of peanut brittle.

This donut starts with a light, fluffy, and moist yeast-risen dough that is deep-fried to perfection, that is then dipped in a housemade decadent, rich, and smooth chocolate ganache. To add a crunchy and nutty texture to the donut, we sprinkle generous pieces of homemade peanut brittle on top. We carefully break the brittle into small pieces to ensure that every bite of the donut is filled with the perfect amount of crunch and nuttiness.

Our Chocolate Peanut Brittle donut is not only delicious but also vegan-friendly, making it the perfect indulgence for anyone who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising their dietary restrictions. Whether you’re looking for a mid-day snack or a dessert after dinner, this donut will surely hit the spot.

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