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Classic donut platters (24 PC)


A donut platter of 24 donuts. This box is perfect for everyone who want a selection of flavours for a bigger party and don’t want to choose. It contains our all-time favourites: 4 simpson’s, 4 the OG, 4 devil’s chocolate, 4 french toast, 4 apple fritters, 4 birthday cake

** NO HST (Taxes) on catering orders.**

Contain: wheat, soy, oat
May contain nuts


Discover pure delight with our 24-Donut Platter — the ultimate choice for those who want an array of flavors without compromise. Perfect for larger gatherings, this assortment boasts our beloved classics: Simpson’s glazed nostalgia, The OG’s original charm, Devil’s Chocolate decadence, French Toast, Apple Fritter’s cinnamon embrace, and Birthday Cake’s celebratory joy. Elevate your event with a symphony of flavours that cater to all taste buds. Unveil the magic today!

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