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French Toast


Yeast risen deep-fried doughnut dipped in a brown sugar glaze topped with toasted donut crumbs and caramel glaze drizzles.

Contain: Wheat, soy, molasses

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French toast donuts are a delightful fusion of two beloved breakfast treats, combining the rich, comfort flavour of French toast with the sweet, fluffy goodness of a donut. These delectable treats are then dipped in a luscious brown sugar glaze and coated with toasted donut crumbs, adding a delightful crunch and texture to each bite. To take it up a notch, a drizzle of caramel is added on top, creating a decadent and irresistible flavour combination. Whether you’re enjoying them as a special breakfast treat or as a dessert, these French toast donuts are sure to please your taste buds with their perfect blend of sweet and savoury flavours.

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