Lemon Poppyseed (From Jun 1st)


Deep fried yeast risen donut with lemon glaze and home made lemon poppyseed loaf and white chocolate drizzles.

Contain : Soy, Poppyseed

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The Lemon Poppyseed donut is a zesty delight that will brighten up any day! The deep-fried yeast-risen dough is perfectly fluffy and light, with a delicate crumb. The tangy lemon glaze provides a refreshing contrast to the sweet dough, while the poppy seeds add a subtle nuttiness and crunch. To take this donut to the next level, it’s then topped with a sprinkle of lemon poppyseed loaf crumbs, that is carefully baked in-house and a drizzle of creamy white chocolate. Each bite is bursting with a citrusy flavor and satisfying texture. It’s the perfect treat for lemon lovers and donut enthusiasts alike!

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