Strawberry Cheesecake (Available until Jan 16th)


Strawberry cheesecake donuts

Cream Cheese Glazed (contain cashew nuts), strawberry jam drizzles and cookie crumbs.

Contain Cashew nuts

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The heavenly Strawberry Cheesecake donut is the perfect blend of creamy and fruity flavors in every bite! Made with a perfectly deep-fried, yeast-risen dough, this donut dipped in a luscious cream cheese glaze made with cashews, giving it a satisfyingly sweet, smooth and creamy texture. The topping is what takes this donut to the next level – topped with a generous amount of cookie crumbs giving it a delightful crunch, and a drizzle of sweet, fruity strawberry jam adds a pop of color and irresistible taste.

Whether you’re a cheesecake lover or a strawberry fanatic, this donut will leave your taste buds singing!

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