Blueberry Pie


Yeast risen deep-fried doughnut dipped in a blueberry glaze and topped with housemade blueberry pie bars and buttercream.

Contain: Wheat, Soy, Cinnamon

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The Blueberry Pie donut is an indulgent treat that features a fluffy and perfectly fried yeast-risen dough, which is dipped in a sweet and tangy blueberry glaze that perfectly balances the rich and comforting flavors of a classic blueberry pie. To take this donut to the next level, we top it with a generous portion of blueberry pie filling, made with juicy, ripe blueberries and just the right amount of sugar and spices. The pie filling is accompanied by a swirl of decadent buttercream that adds a creamy and luxurious touch to each bite.

Whether you’re a blueberry lover or simply looking for a unique and delicious dessert, this donut is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each bite is bursting with fruity, comforting flavors that will transport you straight to a warm and sunny summer day.

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